MORNING Sessions

8:30am to 11:45am on Main Stage in the Big Tent

WEDNESDAY June 19, 2024

John Miller – Welcome
Owner of Superb Industries & Superb Sealing Solutions

Joel Salatin – From a Frog’s Perspective
Owner of Polyface Farms

Marcus Wengerd – The Seeds of Generosity
Owner of Berlin Seeds

John Moody – Winning the War on Weeds
Author, Co-Founder of Rogue Food Conference

John Miller – God of the Garden: Why Homesteading Reflects the Image of God
Owner of Superb Industries & Superb Sealing Solutions

Neal Kinsey – Nutrient Needs for Soils and Plants in Your Garden
Owner and President of Kinsey Agricultural Services, Inc.

THURSDAY June 20, 2024

David Stelzer – Faith over Fear
Founder and CEO of Azure Standard

Codi and Michelle Knox – Being More Than Farmers
Hosts of More Than Farmers on YouTube

Neal Kinsey – Solving Specific Problems in Garden by Correcting Fertility Needs
Owner and President of Kinsey Agricultural Services, Inc.

Anne of All Trades (Anne Briggs) – Cows or Goats: What Will Work Best for You?
Founder of

Sarah Thrush – Garden to Jar: A Path to Food Sovereignty
@Sarah Plain & Tall from TikTok – Creator of #peeliesnpetals

Joel Salatin – What’s Holding You Back from Moving Forward?
Owner of Polyface Farms

John Miller – Summing It Up
Owner of Superb Industries & Superb Sealing Solutions


11:45am to 1:15pm Served in the Food Tent behind the Big Tent
By Byler’s BBQ (Amish Caterer)

WEDNESDAY June 19, 2024

Amish Feast (Details TBA)
(Wednesday, June 19)

THURSDAY June 20, 2024

Amish Feast (Details TBA)
(Thursday, June 20)

AFTERNOON Workshops and Demonstrations

1:00pm to 5:00pm in the Exhibitor Tents area

Cranberry Juice Water Bath Canning
Milk Pressure Canning
Canning 101
Ranch Beans Pressure Canning
Family Chicken Butchering
Seed Saving
Making Mozzarella Cheese in the Home Kitchen
A Survey of Food Preservation Methods: From Drying to Fermenting
Freeze Drying
Microgreens: Simple Way to Get Started
BioChar: Soil and Health Benefits
Better Soil Fertility and Crops
Compost and Manures for Amazing Garden Results
Vermiculture: The Liquid Way
Storytime with Martha (ages 4-8)
Storytime with Martha (ages 9-12)
The Family Cow on 1/4 Acre (Part 1 and Part 2)
Sheep & Duck Herding with Border Collies
Garden Tunnels . How They Work
Cast Iron Care and Cookery
Cheese Fondue
Baking Artisan Breads
Fertility Unveiled: Insights into Reproductive Health
Starting a Homestead with Less
5 Questions to Ask Before Taking Antibiotics
Lazy Gardening
Glyphosates & GMOs
Storytime with Martha (ages 4-8)
Storytime with Martha (ages 9-12)
Homeschooling: Can I Do It?
Meat Smoking & Beef Stick Making
Sauerkraut & Kimchi Making
Broom Making & Stitching
Open-Fire Kettle Corn
Knife Making
Rope Making
Candle Dipping and Carving
Cow Milking
Goat Milking
Horse Drawn Rides
Backyard Pavilion Frolic
Making Your Own Charcoal
Portable Sawmill

FOR KIDS: The Science of Sauerkraut for Kids
FOR KIDS: Fun in the Garden with Obadiah

Check back. Changes may occur in the workshop lineup.

Summit Social: Meet, Mingle, and Munch (Details TBA)

June 19, 2024 at 6pm—10pm. (Gates open at 5pm)

Schedule subject to change. Be sure to check back for the latest.



Timbercrest is a natural environment of wide open meadows, campgrounds, and woodlands, just outside the
village of Walnut Creek, smack dab in Amish Country, Holmes County, Ohio.

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