MORNING Sessions

8:30am to 11:45am on Main Stage in the Big Tent

WEDNESDAY June 21, 2023

John Miller – Maximizing Your Summit Experience
Owner of Superb Industries & Superb SealingSolutions

Joel Salatin – Working With Your Kids So
They Will Want To Work With You
Owner of Polyface Farms

Marcus Wengerd – Seed Independence
Owner of Berlin Seeds

Joel Kurtz – Increasing Soil Power—Naturally
Agronomist at Maysville Elevator

Shallon & Mark Payne – Kentucky Flood Report
Founders of Appalachian Homestead

Michael Kilpatrick – Four Seasons Profit:
Market Farming
President of The Farm on Central

Justin Rhodes – If I Can Homestead, You Can Too
Creator and Owner of Abundance Plus

THURSDAY June 22, 2023

David Stelzer – 50 Years Of Organic—Underground
Founder and CEO of Azure Standard

Justin Rhodes – Growing Food For Health And Wellness
Creator and Owner of Abundance Plus

Cyndi Ball – The Benefits Of Authentic Community
Founder & President of Ladies Homestead Gathering

Sarah – Canning: It Does Not Have To Be Difficult
@Sarah Plain & Tall from TikTok – Creator of #peeliesnpetals

Joel Salatin – Home-Based Abundance
Owner of Polyface Farms

John Miller – Summing It Up
Owner of Superb Industries & Superb Sealing Solutions


11:45am to 1:15pm Served in the Food Tent behind the Big Tent
By Byler’s BBQ (Amish Caterer)

WEDNESDAY June 21, 2023

Amish Wedding Feast
(Wednesday, June 21)
Chicken, Mashed Potatoes,
Brown Chicken Gravy, Green Beans, Salad.
Bread with butter and jelly. Layer and Hoho Cake.
Homemade Ice Cream (made on-site).

THURSDAY June 22, 2023

Barn Raising Feast
(Served on Thursday, June 22)
Poor Man’s Steak, Parsley Potatoes,
Baked Beans, Broccoli Salad, Date Pudding

AFTERNOON Workshops and Demonstrations

1:15pm to 5:00pm in the Vendor Tents area

Ongoing Demonstrations on Both Days

• Meat Processing and Smoking
• Sauerkraut and Kimchi Making
• Fire Starter Dipping/Lighting
• Candle Dipping and Carving
• Rope Making
• Coffee Syrup Making
• Broom Making and Stitching
• Cheese Making
• Cow Milking
• Goat Milking (pending)
• Pottery Making
• Drawing Names to look like Swiss Cheese

• Portable Band Sawing
• Timberframing
• Open-Fire Canning Red Beets
• Open-Fire Chili Cooking
• Open-Fire Apple Butter Making (pending)
• Grilled Amish-Style Pie Making (pending)
• Kettle Corn Making

Schedule subject to change. Be sure to check back for the latest.



Timbercrest is a natural environment of wide open meadows, campgrounds, and woodlands, just outside the
village of Walnut Creek, smack dab in Amish Country, Holmes County, Ohio.

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