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Ohio Valley Biochar

Local Manufacturer of Biochar Products

Learn More About the Power of Biochar

THE MISSION of Ohio Valley Biochar is to heal the soil, fix water, and walk with farmers, growers, and industrials to eliminate emissions and greenhouse gases to create carbon neutral environments.

THE VISION of Ohio Valley Biochar is to focus on assisting you in creating a cleaner and better environment for you and your family. And produce the best quality food that can be grown.

WE ARE Melvin and Linda Schlabach and family located in Coshocton County, Ohio.

WHAT WE DO: Make biochar, grilling char, and distribute Blue Gold Nutrients.

Contact Ohio Valley Biochar, Phone 234-286-0259, ovb@ibyfax.com

What can Biochar do to help?

Biochar can be used to address some of the most urgent environmental problems of our time—soil degradation, food security, water pollution from agrichemicals, and climate change.

• Biochar creates a biology in your soil that saves $ on fertilizer inputs.

• Biochar has a unique ability for attracting and holding moisture, nutrient, and agrochemicals even retaining difficult to hold nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous. Nitrogen and phosphorous. Nitrogen and phosphorous tend to run off regular soils,upsetting the ecosystem balance in streams and waterways.

• Biochar also holds gases, recent research has proven biochar-enriched soils reduce carbon dioxide CCO, CO3 and nitrous oxide NO2 emissions by 50 to 80%.

• Biochar creates better bedding for chicken houses, dairy cows, sheep, horse.

• Mix it to your feed for better animal health and better manure.

Contact Ohio Valley Biochar, Phone 234-286-0259, ovb@ibyfax.com

Ohio Valley Biochar Products are available locally at:

Berlin Seeds, 5335 Co Hwy 77, Millersburg, OH 44654

Mt. Hope Elevator, State 8102, OH-241, Mt Hope, OH 44660

New Bedford Elevator, 33906 OH-643, Baltic, OH 43804

Contact Ohio Valley Biochar, Phone 234-286-0259, ovb@ibyfax.com